Links Between Superstars with Secret Babies and my Lone Star Dynasty Series

Dear Reader,

I hope you can deal with all the readjustments to life we have all had to make due to Covid. 

I was happily researching the fifth book in my Lone Star Dynasty series when Covid struck. For some reason, I simply couldn’t write. I guess I was too busy reading about Wuhan, China, a place I’d never heard of before, and trying to figure out where the virus was and how not to get it. I lost a family member to it, and friends have lost family members. With my hometown a leading hotspot and the news full of conflicting reports, I was too distracted and worried to make myself settle down in my office.

Finally, I decided I would get back to work by republishing three older and extremely popular titles in a new series, A Knight in Tarnished Armor, Dream Come True, and In Every Stranger’s Face. The heroes in all these books are superstars. I thought it might be fun to link this series to my Lone Star Dynasty series by writing a launch novella that features a character from that series who is also a superstar. Not only that, Marisela and Rick will be the lead characters in their very own, full-length novel, Love with and Imperfect Bodyguard, Bk 5 of the Lone Star Dynasty series.

Marisela is the biological mother of Nell, the heroine of Love with an Imperfect Maid Bk 2. She is a lead character in Love with an Imperfect Bridegroom Bk 3, and she is the other woman in Love with an Imperfect Bride Book 4. 

The new series will be published in print, but I always wait for readers to write me about mistakes they find in the books before publishing in print.

I hope you enjoy this series.