Secret Child

Challenges Of Re-Issuing SECRET CHILD for Today’s Market

“No one provides hotter emotional fireworks than the fiery Ann Major.” RT Book Reviews

I thought revising SECRET CHILD (Book 8, Texas: Children of Destiny) would be a piece of cake. It was the first “big book” I wrote for Silhouette Books. It placed on several U.S. bestseller lists when first published. It was extremely popular in Japan where it was reprinted several times with great success. It was serialized in a magazine and eventually earned around six figures.

I imagined I would have it digitalized, search for typos, have a cover made, write a description and put it up. Easy. Right?

You guessed it.  Back in 1998 when I wrote this book, nobody knew THE RULE that the hero and heroine had to meet ASAP. Preferably on page 1.

My two characters don’t meet until page 70. Editorially, I felt I could make this book more appealing by rewriting the beginning and having them meet by page 10. However, that would have involved several more weeks of work. As I got into the book, I found there were other problems that would take time to address.

I would like to write new things. I need to put out the “new” book in my Lonestar Dynasty series that I am currently finishing.

Life is often a compromise, isn’t it? I did spend several weeks reworking Secret Child, cutting (ten thousand words) and simplifying it as much as I could. But I’m afraid I did not spend two or three additional weeks, rewriting the book from the beginning so that it would follow THE RULE, and maybe I should have.

If only there were more time… Maybe then I could be perfect. But somehow I doubt it.


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