Self-published writer? Hybrid author? Marketing guru? Wife, Mother and Grandmother?: Three secret questions that keep me sane while writing and publishing

I approach every day with way too much to do and too many things I haven’t a clue as how to do. So, every day I ask myself these three magic questions:

1.    What does Ann Major have to do?

2.    What would be good for Ann Major to do?

3.    What does Ann Major want to do?

I don’t have much time. Does anyone? I have a retired husband. When he practiced as a doctor, he had eight brilliant women in his office doing everything for him and me at home to serve him. Now there’s only me.  He can’t find things. He has tech questions that he wants me to solve. I could go on, but I won’t. I will only ask the women reading this piece: how often do you interrupt your husband when he’s working and ask him where your favorite blue blouse is and expect him to (happily) drop everything and find it for you?

If I’m lucky, maybe I have five or six hours in a day to work on writing, which includes the business of writing too. I start with question one and give it as much time as I can. What does Ann Major have to do?

I really try to focus on writing or editing pages. Since I am revising Secret Child (Book 8 of Texas: Children of Destiny) to publish as an e-book I sat down and worked on it without stopping for five hours today—until I finished.

When done with this task, I went to question two. What would be a good thing for Ann to do? It is always a good thing to do a little networking, social media, and devise marketing strategies. Today, since Secret Child was my focus, I worked on setting the manuscript up to be formatted. Then I made a list of all the tasks I need to do to publish this book ASAP. Then I wrote this blog because blogging encourages traffic to a writer’s website.

After working on this blog, I asked myself what does Ann Major want to do? Ann wants to go to the gym with her husband and cook salmon. While at the gym she wants to read a book on her IPad or watch Netflix while she walks on a treadmill.

One of my husband’s favorite questions is: What’s for supper? Well, today, he was my hero and took charge and bought salmon at the grocery store and cooked it.