The love of his life betrayed him once. Does he pay her back? Or take her back?

During April I took another look at Wilderness Child (Bk 4 Texas: Children of Destiny) and found myself really enjoy revisiting this story I wrote quite a few years ago. In this story a doctor who happens to be a strong-minded feminist is pitted against male chauvinist rancher.

When I was younger, the last thing my husband always said to me in the evening was, “I’m the boss.” I believe he does this to inspire me to write romance novels. We have had our fair share of heated male/female “discussions.” As women, we are challenged in our present world and naturally, he has his own viewpoint.

Wilderness Child is the fourth book in the acclaimed Texas: Children of Destiny series about the tale of the Jacksons, a South Texas ranching dynasty, in an area that happens to be my home. To write and dream, I happily frequently go to a large ranch to write so am very familiar with that setting. However,Wilderness Child is set in Australia, a land I have never visited… but long and dream to. Tad Jackson, the dashing hero of Wilderness Child, left Texas because he wants to be on his own, away from the long shadow of his older brother, Jeb Jackson. Unfortunately, Tad married the wrong woman (the identical twin of the woman he really loved to boot!), his wife has vanished, and his beloved cattle station is under attack so he is facing challenges on all fronts.

But, the author, me, can put on her goddess tiara and set things right if she so wills. This goddess-fairy godmother part of being a writer is one of the perks of the job! (Small disclosure: I actually have a wand sitting on my desk near my computer!) So naturally, in my quest to make things right, this is a reunion story beginning with the source of all Tad’s problems, Dr. Jessica Bancroft.

During my rewrite of this classic novel, I enjoyed forcing these two strong-minded characters, Tad Jackson and Dr. Jessica Bancroft, to work with each other. They share a strong love and possessiveness over Tad’s sweet daughter. Naturally, sparks flew when they came together despite their better intentions. Quickly their passion for one another began to ignite emotions more powerful than the bitternesses of the past.

Please enjoy a short excerpt from Wilderness Child published May 2016:

Dr. Jessica Bancroft’s first impression of Tad Jackson was that of a primitive male, powerful and dangerous, sinewy muscles rippling in the moonlight.

His unseeing gaze swept the shadows, fixed upon her, and drank in the sight of the shapely perfection of her female form clearly revealed by her transparent nightgown.

The blatant sensuality of the look unnerved Jess.

Her heart froze and then began to pound more violently.


Her outstretched arms went around his muscled waist. The shock of unexpected contact with his virile body made her gasp. A tremor went through her and through him, as well. The sheet fell away, and cool fingers touched hot, naked male skin.

She, who was rarely afraid, was afraid as she’d never been afraid before.

Arousal sizzled through her like an electric current.

She tried to move away, but he drew her inside the steel circle of his hands, flattening her once more against his chest. “Don’t go.” He opened his mouth, inviting her to deepen her kiss.

Violent tremors of fresh desire warmed Jess’s melting flesh as her mouth lingered on his. She felt his fingers stroke her hips. Her heart fluttered with a strange, thrilled wildness. She caught herself sharply, stunned by the intensity of her emotion. The way she lay against him, it was easy to pretend he didn’t really hate her. She felt the hard, muscled contours of his shape burning against her body.

His fingers wound in her hair. “Don’t go,” he whispered raggedly.

Nothing seemed to matter at the moment. The only reality was his touch, his caress, his burning mouth beneath hers tasting faintly of the sugared medicines she’d forced down him.

“I must,” she protested.

But Tad Jackson was a man used to getting his own way. A man who’d never learned to take no for an answer. She struggled no more…

It was the curse of her life that she’d always wanted him…

Some old flames burn too brightly to ever be put out.