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Love With An Imperfect Cowboy

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She’s a runaway bride looking for love in all the wrong places

Desperate to escape her cheating bridegroom, Hannah Lewis heads to the one place nobody will ever think to look for her—Texas, where she’d planned to go on her honeymoon.

An Impossible Attraction

Grieving widower, rancher Liam Stark knows better than to get involved with the big-eyed dazzler who walks into his bar lost and alone, looking naïve and casting haunted glances his way, practically begging him for lessons in love. Then she puts herself in harm’s way, and he has to save her. He doesn’t do love, but maybe he can give her what she wants… if for one night only.

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Wilderness Child

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Old flames burn the hottest in USA Today bestselling Ann Major’s passionate, Wilderness Child (Book 4, Texas: Children of Destiny). She betrayed him once … now it’s his turn to pay her back in kind.

Sizzling desire and old betrayals meet in a conflagration in the Australian wilderness when a transplanted Texas cattleman’s old love walks into a trap he’s set just for her.

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Passion's Child

In Name Only

Nicholas and Amy were madly in love until Nick broke Amy’s heart and she ran away. When a life threatening illness threatens Triple, the child she loves as her very own, Nick suddenly returns to claim what’s his. But can Amy forgive him for his part in the cruel circumstances that forced her to deceive him in the most terrible way?

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Newly revised and modernized ebook edition
Major Press LLC

Destiny's Child

In love with her worst enemy

Ever since Megan MacKay’s father lost the MacKay ranch to neighboring rancher Jeb Jackson and vanished, after asking Jackson to look after her, Megan MacKay resented Jeb almost as much as she desired him. When she was sixteen, he rejected her, and she vowed to hate him forever.

Now she’s all grown up and such a handful, his feisty pilot is the last woman Jeb wants to desire. Then a passionate kiss makes Jeb realize that he wants to possess her a whole lot more than he wants her land. But can he win the one woman who’s so stubbornly set against him?

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DESTINY’S CHILD (4) is the impressive second book in Ann Major’s CHILDREN OF DESTINY trilogy. A powerful rancher and his feisty private pilot lock horns over his methods of acquiring her family’s holdings. The sensual flames burn very brightly indeed while this explosive couple battles toward a highly satisfying resolution.
— Romantic Times

Newly revised and modernized ebook edition
Major Press LLC


Night Child (Book 3 of Texas: Children of Destiny)

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Dawn Hayden is a world-renowned ballerina at the peak of her career … but her childhood is shrouded in darkness. She has no memory of the abduction they tell her happened. Ballet is her life, filling her every waking moment, the only thing on which she can depend. Love, she wants nothing to do with, for it means trusting another with her heart … a terrifying concept. Until a handsome, hauntingly familiar stranger enters her life.

Kirk McKay is determined to do whatever he must to keep the beautiful dancer safe … for his own memories are all too clear. A young girl was abducted from his care, and he carries a burden of guilt for failing to protect her. When Dawn is threatened, he crosses the globe to save her from the same terror. This time, he won’t fail. This time, he’ll bring a beautiful woman out of darkness and into the light.

Together they’ll face the danger … and together, have a chance at the love of a lifetime.

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Ann Major’s stunning conclusion to her Children of Destiny series, NIGHT CHILD (4+) powerfully blends romance and danger…. The fiery romance will win a reserved spot on many a bookshelf.
— Romantic Times Magazine



The Baby Machine: A Novella

In this passionate (130 page) novella lonely, high-flying business-woman Kate Karlington wanted a baby more than anything, but all the men she knew were obsessed by her fortune—except for rugged Jim Keith Jones, who was too rough and unsophisticated for her to consider.

Unlike the others, he was obsessed solely by her.

When he offered to be her ‘baby machine’, all Kate had to do was agree to his outrageous terms.

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Men of the West

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